Goodtime I -
Lake Erie Island Cruises

Brooke Marsinick

Operations Manager. Brooke has been with the Goodtime I for 8 years. She is your contact for private rentals, group reservations and all donations. 

Amy Lamb.

Owner of the Goodtime I. Amy has been the owner for 12 years. 

A family- owned and operated business since 2007, the Goodtime I is owned by the Lamb Family, from Sandusky, Ohio. Joe and Amy Lamb were both born and raised in the Sandusky area. They have begun a family of their own, and both sons are active employees with the Goodtime I. 


During the summer season, are supported by our fantastic crew members and office staffing. 

We have a total of 3 Captains, 15 Crew Members and 5 Office Staff Employees. It is thanks to these employees that we are able to run such a fun and successful business!

Meet the Operations and

Management Team

Joseph Lamb. 
Owner, President and Fleet Captain of the Goodtime I. Joe has been the owner of the Goodtime I for 12 years. 

Goodtime I - Lake Erie Island Cruises

Thank you, to our Crew!