Goodtime I -
Lake Erie Island Cruises

The Friday Night Party Cruise is an exciting way to enjoy a night out! This is the only 'floating night club' out of Sandusky, and, by far, the most enjoyable way to travel to Put-in-Bay. 

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Spotlight Cruise:

Back this year! Indulge in a four-course dinner and five free wine tastings, along with light entertainment and the Lake Erie Sunset. 
Dates: July 8th, July 22nd, August 5th, August 19th.

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​​Throughout the summer and fall, we will have different, specialty cruises available. These cruises include, but are not limited to, the Browns Tailgating Cruises and the Halloween Party Cruises!

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Friday Night Party Cruise

The Goodtime I begins operating in May, and runs through October. Our regularly scheduled cruises, such as the Daytime Island Hopping Cruise and the Sunset Bay Cruise, begin running The last week of June, and operate through the last week of September.

Please visit the details pages for each cruise to see more information regarding the cruises, including prices.

Please note, for all cruises, there is a 3% service charge added if the payment form is with a credit or debit card.  

Sunset Bay Cruise

Daytime Island Hopping Cruise

Specialty Cruises

Wine Tasting Dinner Cruise

The Sunset Bay Cruise sails every Tuesday and Thursday Evening. Enjoy light entertainment and Happy Hour specials at the bar on board, while watching the beautify Lake Erie Sunset

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The Daytime Island Hopping Cruise sets sail every day, Tuesday-Saturday, for an all-day excursion. This cruise is appropriate for all ages.

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