Enjoy a 4-course dinner, until it is time to solve the   Murder Mystery! 
 During the cruise, a horrible crime will be   committed! It will be your job to solve the murder,   based on the clues you are given. 

 Along with the murder, there will be prizes given, for   best dressed, 'money earned' and more!

 The June and August Murder Mystery scripts will be   different scripts. 

  June 27                     CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19

  August 15:               7:30pm - 10:00pm 

 Enjoy a 4-course dinner, paired with specialty   bourbons, and discounted cigars.


 Our partners, from North Coast Cigars will be on   board, pairing cigars perfectly with your bourbon. 

Smoking will only be permitted on the upper deck. 

  July 19                                     5:30pm - 7:30pm

During the summer, we will host 2 dinner cruises:
1 Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise, and 1 Bourbon and Cigar Dinner Cruise.

With all dinner cruises, guests will receive a souvenir glass, a four-course dinner. 
All dinner cruises are limited to guests 21 and older. 

Cost: $51/person 

Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise

Bourbon and Cigar Dinner Cruise

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