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Lake Erie Island Cruises

Sunset Bay Cruise

Take in the beauty of the Lake Erie Sunset,  from a unique and unforgettable location - on Lake Erie. 

While on board, you can enjoy light entertainment; there will be pizza available for purchase and the bar on board will celebrate Happy Hour. 

Bring family and friends for a relaxing evening, or come with co-workers to unwind after work. 

June 27: TBA
June 29: TBA

​July 4: TBA
July 6: TBA
July 11: TBA
July 13: TBA

​July 18: TBA

July 20: TBA
July 25: TBA

July 27: TBA

August 1: TBA
August 3: TBA
August 8: TBA
August 10: TBA
August 15: TBA
August 17: TBA
August 22: TBA
August 24: TBA
August 29: TBA
August 31: TBA

      Entertainment schedule is subject to change.


There is a 2% Service Charge added to 
all Credit and Debit Card Transactions.

Entertainment Schedule

Adults: $9.20

Children (5-15): $5.10

Children(5 and under): FREE